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Mobile Marketing Is An Affordable Way To Increase Your Business Traffic Volume

Your customers taking advantage of mobile marketing and are searching right now on their mobile devices for you products or services, but the questions remains “Will you be found?”  Are you invisible on the internet and lost among the millions of websites.  If so, optimizing for mobile marketing can turn your business into a highly visible site.  Mobile marketing is not an option any more but it is imperative if you are going to still be in business in the next 5 years.  You may be losing thousands of dollars to your competition and not even know it.

Mobile Marketing Allows You To Find And Attract New Customers And Clients

Let us show you how to find and attract new customers and clients by using the latest trends in mobile marketing.  These include SMS (Short Message Servicing) Text short code messaging, QR (Quick Response) Codes and Mobile Coupons and mobile squeeze pages.  We live in a society today that expects immediate response to our needs and questions and mobile marketing can provide just that.  When we leave the house to go places, we have almost always have our keys and our mobile phone with us.  Sending text messages versus emails reach your customers instantly right in their hand where it is viewed instantly on an average of 83% .

Mobile Marketing Helps You Build And Maintain A Loyal Customer Base

Mobile marketing today is included in a solid business plan which includes building a solid customer base where you have repeat business  from these customers.  Their loyalty not only means the volume of business that they bring to your business but also the referrals that you get from customers who use your company on a regular basis.  One customer who refers two new customers, who each refer two new customers can produce a viral effect and a large volume of steady business.

Mobile Marketing Lets You Advertise Promotions/Specials For Immediate Viewing

Suppose you are a salon or even a dentist and you have a last minute cancellation.  If you send out a message to 100 customers who view it immediately and you offer a small discount if they can come fill that appointment, you have regained a large percentage of the money you could have lost leaving that time vacant.  Restaurants who are having a slow night can offer a great “buy one entree – get a second  half price” special via text message and fill those empty table very quickly.  Mobile marketing does not cost you money in the end, it creates money for your business.

Mobile Marketing Builds A List Of Customers To Market To Regularly

This saying is still true and will always be true in marketing and that also included mobile marketing and that is  “Out of Sight, Out Of Mind”.  If you do not keep your business’s name in the front of the minds of your customers you will get lost in their “mind clutter” and they will forget to patronize your establishment on a regular basis.  A SMS Text message up to four times a month will keep your customers well informed of any promotions, location changes, new merchandise or services you are offering.

Why Does Mobile Marketing Work So Well?….

People do business with people they know, like and trust.  Mobile marketing allow your customers to get to know you better through videos, regular text communication and social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.  Social Media has transformed they way your customer give out referrals and recommendations.  Facebook is used more on mobile devices than on desktop computers and laptops.  With mobile marketing, there is no need to clip out paper coupons because the coupons are stored on the mobile device for immediate use at an establishment.  These mobile marketing statistics reveal the saying that “Mobile Marketing is not going away any time soon.  It is here to stay, so it is imperative that you join the 21st century’s lastest marketing trend and start texting, tweeting, commenting and even blogging.

97% of Text Messages Are Opened vs. Only 5% of Emails

83% of Text Messages Are Opened Immediately

85% of Americans Own a Mobile Phone

82% of Americans Do Not Leave Home Without Their Cell Phone

68% of Americans Text Message

67% of Customers Prefer Receiving Mobile Alerts

4.1 Billion Text Messages Are Sent Daily

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