Mobile Marketing For Schools Is A great Solution For School Trips, Athletic Dept. Scheduling, Enrollment Vacancies, Teacher Communication, etc.

Mobile Marketing For Schools

Mobile Marketing For Schools

Often Schools fail to look at the latest mobile marketing technology that could help them manage their important messaging requirements.  Imagine if you had 200 kids on a senior trip and you needed to let all of them know that the plans had changed unexpectedly.  With a mobile marketing text service, that is easy to solve instantly.

Is it a nightmare for you as the athletic director trying to keep all of the practice times and games schedules straight especially when you are rescheduling due to being rained out.  Mobile marketing can solve all of that for you when you have a SMS Text messaging shortcode.

People are busy today trying to juggle jobs, parenting, church activities and social events and sometimes they just need a quick last minute reminder about attending the PTA meeting.  Your attendance records at these meeting would definitely increase all due to mobile marketing and the fact that we all never leave our homes without our mobile phones.

Mobile Marketing Is Affordable For Private Schools As Well As For Public Schools

As a private school, you depend on getting the fees paid in a timely manner and mobile marketing text messages serve as a friendly reminder of those past due bills. The list goes on and on about the many ways in which schools can incorporate mobile marketing text messaging into their communication programs.

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