Spas Salons

Salons and Spas Have Gravitated To Mobile Marketing To Fill Their Openings and Cancellations

Mobile Marketing Spa Salons

Mobile Marketing Spa Salons

Here is a great mobile marketing SMS Text messaging example.  Perhaps your client is sitting around wishing they had remembered to book a hair cut when a text message arrives on their mobile device letting them know of your opening.  That is a win win for both of you.  You get to make money off of what was going to be a potential money losing hour and your customer is happy that she was the lucky one who took advantage of your rare cancellation.

Mobile Marketing Is fabulous For Your Busy Clientele Who Have Difficulty Scheduling Ahead Of time

Customers are busy and sometimes they don’t have time to wait in a nail salon but if you have a text messaging mobile marketing lists, you can keep they informed of slow periods in your business day.  Your fill those empy slots and they do not have to waste their time waiting on a opening.

Mobile marketing works great in tourist areas.

Tourist love to enjoy a great massage after a morning on the tennis courts, golf course or beach and if they have opted into your mobile marketing text message list for their vacation stay, you can offer they a great incentive to come into your place of business.

Have you recently recruited the best stylist in town and now your new hair stylist wants everyone to know where they are operating out of…Mobile marketing text messaging is your affordable solution.  Print ads are expensive and you never even know if many people even read the ad but with text messages, 97% are viewed.

Text SMART To 727-27 To find out more about setting up you text messaging system for under $200 and watch mobile marketing revolutionize the way you market your business.